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Sophie’s Bakery For The Broken Hearted by Lolly Winston

A Study of Grief and Survival

Sophies Bakery For The Broken HeartedSophie’s Bakery For The Broken Hearted by Lolly Winston follows a year in the life of newly widowed thirty six year old Sophie Stanton. You may think at first that this will be a gloomy novel, but far from it. There were moments in the book when I literally laughed out loud.

Lolly Winston has written a very sensitive, moving and realistic novel, and it was easy to empathise with Sophie.

Sophie had been married to Ethan for just three years when he died from cancer. Her mother had been killed when Sophie was a teenager. She has no children and feels alone in the world. Life holds no purpose for her. The reader follows Sophie during those painful first twelve months as she tries everything to fill the empty void. Sophie journeys from raw grief to acceptance.

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