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The Thorn Of Truth by S.L. Russell

Cast Your Cares On Him

The Thorn Of Truth by S.L. Russell is a marvellous Christian crime suspense that consumed me from the start.

The main themes are of being truthful and living with integrity. The main character faces a dilemma between representing the truth or bowing to popular opinion and twisting the facts to suit. Walking the truthful line is not always popular but it is the right thing to do. Sometimes it seems as if the line between truth and lies is not always black and white but a blurred shade of grey as even those who should represent the truth forget to do so.

Living a life of integrity enables us to walk tall with a clear conscience. We will have nothing to reproach ourselves for if we live truthful, open lives.

When we struggle with life we need to tap into God. “There’s a higher power with a better view of your problems.” What worries us does not worry God. He sees the bigger picture.

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A Vision Of Locusts by S.L. Russell

A Gift

A Vision Of Locusts by S.L. Russell is a powerful Christian contemporary thriller that had me hooked from the start.

There were many themes including that of visions. Visions are nothing new. They happened in the past. They will happen in the future. Visions foretell events to come. We will need help to interpret them. “I felt like I’ve opened a door I can’t shut, and nasty things are pouring out of it.” We need to seek God and trust Him to lead us.

Prayers are important. God longs to hear from us. Characters, who are not even sure if they believe, are urged to pray. Even if we do not believe in Him, God believes in us.

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