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Shaft Of Truth by Sarah Elisabeth Sawyer

Walk Humbly

Shaft Of Truth by Sarah Elisabeth Sawyer is a fabulous Christian historical novel set in 1894 and continues the Choctaw Tribune series. This is book three. I recommend you read the previous two books first for maximum enjoyment and to really appreciate the action here.

This was a thrilling read – my jaw literally dropped open at one point for an amazing ‘wow’ moment. I certainly failed, as always, to spot it coming. Thank you Sarah Elisabeth Sawyer for keeping me on my toes.

The novel shows the importance of family. Family motivates actions. Family unites and family pulls together. The reader sees the importance of taking care of widows and orphans. There is beautiful relationship that is mutually beneficial.

Revenge is a powerful motivator. It also turns our hearts to stone. We must dispense forgiveness, put revenge aside and leave any judging or retribution to God.

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