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Madame Burova by Ruth Hogan

True Love

Madame Burova  by Ruth Hogan is a delightful dual timeline novel that I could not put down. It is set in 1972 and present day.

The early 1970’s in Britain was a time of unrest, prejudice and intolerance. The Windrush generation were still finding life hard as they tried to integrate into British society. Their children found it just as hard. “All he wanted was… to be white.” What a heart-breaking thought of an eleven year old of mixed race. The reader is horrified by the attitudes levelled by children to other children. “He had never allowed… the filthy words flung at him in ignorance and hate, to define or diminish him.” This young boy has an enormous capacity to love. When he sees injustice towards a weak, helpless dog, he steps in.

We all want to know our roots. “I feel like a question mark.” On learning that she was a foundling, a woman in her forties sets out to seek out her birth parents, after the receipt of an envelope from her father following his death.

The reader becomes immersed in the life of a 1970’s British holiday camp. It is very reminiscent of the BBC’s Hi-Di-Hi. It was a time of fun but also of sexual harassment which was largely accepted and unreported – until the day the women decide enough is enough.

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The Keeper Of Lost Things by Ruth Hogan

Healing Hearts

The Keeper Of Lost Things by Ruth Hogan is an absolutely charming contemporary tale about life and love.

Love is the greatest gift we can ever give or receive. Much love is to be found within the pages of the novel. There is a love that says I will care for you in sickness and in health. There is a love that says I love you because of your differences. And there is a love that says I love you beyond the confines of the grave. The whole novel is a celebration of love.

There are a wonderful mix of characters including an aging author, a young divorcee and a young lady called Sunshine with Downs syndrome. She really is a breath of fresh air, very kind and remarkably perceptive. Some of the things she says are very touching and others are extremely funny.

People lose items. Others find them and make it their ambition to reunite owners with their lost things.

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