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Risking Love by Brenda Anderson

Flying Lessons

loveRisking Love by Brenda Anderson is a beautiful contemporary Christian romance. It is the first book in the Where The Heart Is series and I loved it.

I always love Brenda Anderson’s novels. They are beautifully written with God at the centre. Risking Love is an intricate love story with very realistic and likable characters. The battles and struggles they face are easy to empathise with. They tug at the readers heart. Lissa is a wonderful leading lady – full of character traits that just spoke to my soul. I could see myself in her as I too am risk adverse. Caleb was the perfect leading man – rugged, good looking, adventurous and kind. The supporting characters of Haven, Abigail and two year old Aimee were all perfect in their roles. Brenda Anderson had delightfully captured a two year old in Aimee with her speech and mannerisms.

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