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Rescue Me by Susan May Warren

Teamwork, Heroes And Grace

Rescue Me by Susan May Warren is a wonderful contemporary romantic adventure. It is the second book in the Montana Rescue series but can be read as a stand-alone.

The novel has many Godly themes including those of forgiveness and grace. Life can be hard at times. We make mistakes. Others make mistakes. We must forgive or anger will destroy us. “You keep feeding that anger… and it’s going to consume you.” Sometimes it is ourselves we need to forgive. God’s grace covers everything and everyone. “Everyone deserves a shot at a second chance.”

Sometimes we believe we are beyond the reach of God. “God doesn’t show up for bitter, angry guys like me.” God longs to love us, heal us and set us free from the bondage we have placed on ourselves. “You can be free. It’s all about letting God in.” True freedom comes with love and truth. “You aren’t free when you’re trapped inside guilt and lies.” The truth will set us free.

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