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All I Want For Christmas by Rebekah Pace


All I Want For Christmas by Rebekah Pace is a powerful contemporary Christian novel that is a modern retelling of the story of Job.

We witness the faithfulness of God who never leaves us to struggle alone. He provides things for us to be thankful for daily. Sometimes in our pain and hurt, we fail to see God. We cannot feel Him. Worse still, we feel abandoned but God’s silence is never His absence. He is continually and faithfully working behind the scenes.

We see a family who materially have it all but “provision is more than just the stuff you can buy off store shelves.” We can be materially rich but spiritually poor. Modern technology drives wedges between families. Retail therapy offers a quick fix high but fails to satisfy as we chase the next new thing. Only God will truly satisfy. Sometimes modern life intrudes and we fail to make time for God.

True riches are never measured by material wealth but by how much we love and are loved. True riches are found in relationship with God and with each other.

There is much love in the novel. This love is inversely proportional to a family’s financial status. Real love and satisfaction are found in interacting with others.

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The Red Thread by Rebekah Pace

The Ties That Bind

The Red Thread by Rebekah Pace is the most beautiful contemporary and historical tale about love, a love that never dies.

The main protagonist is a ninety two year old living in New York. He has been there since the end of World War II but his roots are in Leipzig. The novel alternates between present day and his childhood memories and then his horrific time in the camps under the Nazis.

A childhood promise made, has been kept. Fear has immobilised a life but now in old age regrets begin to surface. The wrongs of the past need to be righted.

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