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The Four Gifts Of The King by R Scott Rodin

Go And Bear Fruit

The Four Gifts Of The King by R Scott Rodin – wow! What to say? This is a marvellous Christian allegorical tale and definitely up there with C.S. Lewis’ Narnia. R Scott Rodin could definitely be the next C.S. Lewis with his insight into the heart of God. The reader will find this book jam packed with wisdom and Godly lessons that we would be wise to follow.

The story is perfect for ages ten to adult. We are never too old or too young to follow a Godly path in life.

This book points the way to the King, showing that life is a journey. Along the way we will meet deceivers who whisper lies that appear as truth. “Words… were delivered with a venomous hiss: ‘the king does not care about you.’“ The job of deceivers is to distract us from God by turning our focus inwards. “We can cause him fear… panic… despair… and to doubt who he is.”

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