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A Very Austen Valentine by Various

Filling In The Gaps

A Very Austen Valentine is a delightful collection of six tales that are woven around Jane Austen’s Pride And Prejudice and Persuasion. Tales one and six have the characters from Persuasion. Tales one to five are based around Pride And Prejudice. Pride And Prejudice is my all time favourite novel so I am very familiar with the storyline. All the tales were warm and wonderful, and it felt like I was catching up with old friends. Did I have a favourite story? Absolutely. See if you have a favourite too as you take a trip down the years with some familiar faces.

I Dream Of You by Robin Helm continues where Pride And Prejudice ended. The focus is on Elizabeth and Mr Darcy now they are married. There were some delightful verbal volleys between the two in this charming tale.

Sir Walter Takes A Wife by Laura Hile is a really light hearted match making tale that has perfectly captured Lady Catherine de Bourgh and Mr Collins. An amusing and fun read.

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