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The Windmill Cafe: Christmas Trees by Poppy Blake

Another Willerby Whodunnit

The Windmill Café: Christmas Trees by Poppy Blake is another delightful escape to Willerby as we join the residents battling to solve a crime before a Christmas wedding.

This is my third trip to the small Norfolk village and once again, I was both enchanted and perplexed by village life.

The crime busting duo once more, put on their amateur sleuthing hats to solve the mystery. Willerby seems to have as many perpetrators of crimes visiting as sleepy Midsomer on ITV!

I was entertained trying to guess whodunit. A warm welcome awaits the reader from the locals as they prepare for both a wedding and a Christmas tree competition.

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The Windmill Cafe: Autumn Leaves by Poppy Blake

A Whirlwind Of Chaos

The Windmill Café: Autumn Leaves by Poppy Blake is a delightful contemporary mystery that will entertain whilst having the reader glued and guessing.

For anyone who knows the BBC series Death In Paradise, Autumn Leaves has a similar format and atmosphere. It is very much a light-hearted read whilst characters bond around cake.

Village life is uncomplicated – or is it? A community atmosphere where everyone pulls together could not possibly hide a potential murderer – or could it?

Autumn Leaves shows amateur super sleuthing at its best. Reminiscent of Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple, the reader follows two would be crime busters as bit by bit they try to piece together the action.

Everyone has a motive but only one committed the crime. Can you guess who before the big reveal?

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The Windmill Cafe: Summer Breeze by Poppy Blake

Wonderful, Warm Amateur Sleuthing

The Windmill Cafe: Summer Breeze by Poppy Blake is a delightful contemporary light hearted fun super sleuthing read. It is just perfect for a cold winter’s day to remind the reader that warm summer days are ahead.

The book is a mixture of Midsomer Murders meets Agatha Christie meets Death In Paradise. Whilst a real crime has been committed, the amateur sleuthing has a casual, fun element to it. Want to know what I mean? Have a read of the book.

Summer days, good friends, delicious home baking – what more could the reader want? With comprehensive descriptions such as “The aroma of freshly mown grass and crushed lavender”, all the reader’s senses really come alive.

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