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Picture Imperfect by Alyssa Roat and Hope Bolinger

Following Your Dream

Picture Imperfect by Alyssa Roat and Hope Bolinger is the most delightful contemporary Christian novel focusing on hope.

We all have dreams. Our dreams give us hope. We need to follow our own dreams and not impose our dreams on the lives of others to follow. Our dream is the pathway for us alone. We are all unique. When God places a dream on our heart even though the road may be rocky at times, we will not fail. “When God opens a door, you don’t ask questions. You just walk through it.” God opens doors that no man can shut.

Hope is a powerful thing. Without it, the people will perish. “The greatest hope could be found in everyday lives.” Hope keeps us alive, whether it is in the big or the small things. We need to hold on to hope.

The novel shows characters whose lives revolve around work. “I was so focused on building the perfect life…that I forgot to spend time with the people… I was doing it all for.” We may be so busy working that when we look up, we find that life has passed us by and we have missed those milestone moments with our families.

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