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The Rogue Wave by Paul Nicholas Mason

More Than We Can See

The Rogue Wave by Paul Nicholas Mason is an exciting supernatural thriller that will entertain and intrigue from the start.

Life is more than we can see, hear and touch. Life is a spiritual battle that we do not always understand. Evil seeks to deceive and trick us. We must keep our eyes and heart firmly fixed on Jesus.

Whilst investigating a case, a P.I. comes up against a series of coincidences. As they ramp up, it seems like someone is trying to thwart his movements.

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Jim’s Star by Paul Nicholas Mason


Jim’s Star by Paul Nicholas Mason is a delightful collection of short stories celebrating kindness and goodness.

The whole world over needs kindness and goodness especially in these uncertain times. This is the perfect book to make your heart swell and your lips smile. Kindness and goodness are found in the ordinary things of life.

Kindness is glimpsed in the shopping mall, in an African village, in a school and many more places. It is all around and it is beautiful.

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