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Nine by Rachelle Dekker

Who Do You Want To Be?

Nine by Rachelle Dekker is a fast paced futuristic Christian thriller that will have your heart racing as you read.

The novel is about choosing who you want to be. You need to discover your identity and whose you are and then you will know who you are. We are not destined to repeat the mistakes of our parents. Neither do we need to repeat our pasts. We are free to write our futures learning from the past.

There is the theme of trust. Sometimes our trust is misplaced as people deliberately set out to deceive us.

A name change signifies a character change. When we become a Christian, Jesus gives us a new name. He calls us His child, His beloved.

Life is a battle between the forces of good and evil. It is no coincidence that the evil one is called the deceiver and the father of lies. We need to de-tune his voice and tune into the life affirming voice of God.

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