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Down Sizing by Lin Stepp

Endless Love

Down Sizing by Lin Stepp is a charming contemporary Christian novel and part of the Mountain Home series.

Lin Stepp has created a realistic and likable heroine in Mary Pat. It is refreshing to have the focus on her as she is not your typical leading lady, being past the first flush of youth and in her fifties and overweight. She has brought up her family and her life revolves around them until a bombshell is dropped. She is very relatable.

Like many of us, Mary Pat struggles with her weight. It should not define her but cruel comments are like sharp barbs. The reader admires her tenacity to start and stick with a healthy eating plan. She shows that we are never too old to have a fresh start. As her horizons broaden, so does her life. There are no retirement plans in the kingdom. A full life is not just for the young. A full life with new challenges is available for anyone who is still breathing. While there is breath there is life.

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Edisto Song by Lin Stepp

Great Is Thy Faithfulness

Edisto Song by Lin Stepp is a most delightful contemporary Christian novel and the final book in the Edisto Trilogy. It can be read as a stand-alone. I, however, enjoyed catching up with familiar faces.

Edisto is the place where God’s voice can be heard and characters can heal. The hustle and bustle of New York City was in direct contrast and was life-draining. Edisto is life sustaining where the community lives together, loves together and pulls together.

God still speaks through dreams today. When we hear His voice, we would be wise to listen.

When God gives us a gift, we must use it. The dreams he places in our hearts may be dashed by life but can be resurrected for His glory.

There is no room in our lives for both faith and fear to exist simultaneously. When we have faith, we do not need to fear because God has got us. He knows the end from the beginning and He will never leave us.

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Return To Edisto by Lin Stepp

The Rest Is Just Gravy

Return To Edisto by Lin Stepp is a delightful, heart-warming contemporary Christian novel. It is the second book in the Edisto Trilogy but can be read as a stand-alone.

The reader immediately feels at home with the characters in the novel. We can sense the chemistry between the two lead characters and there is a wonderful feeling of community. Edisto is the place where everyone knows your name, and love and care are the order of the day. Your private business is in the public domain but it is a small price to pay in exchange for the community spirit.

“The island is a good place for healing.” Edisto, with its small town charm, spreads a blanket of love and compassion over the hurting.

Sometimes life pulls us away from God. “You might be mad at Him right now… but it’s you that’s distanced yourself from Him.” We sometimes transfer our feelings about others onto God. “Don’t be assigning blame to God for things He didn’t do.” God’s character is love. He will never hurt or reject us. He is with us in the good and the bad times, we just need to seek Him. “It’s never too late to come back to God.” No matter where we’ve been, no matter what we’ve done, we will never be out of reach of the Father’s arms.

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Happy Valley by Lin Stepp

A Warm Welcome For All

Happy Valley by Lin Stepp is a delightful contemporary Christian novel. It is part of the Mountain Home series but can be read as a stand-alone.

I always adore Lin Stepp’s novels as they wrap around me like a cosy blanket on a cold day. The characters are kind and caring, wholesome with huge hearts that are community minded.

The reader sees how important it is not to judge by appearances. The Lord looks at the heart. We, too, should be more concerned with the state of our heart than the condition of our clothes.

Within the novel there is a character running from their past. Secrets are kept and hearts locked up in order to stay safe. As a chink of light shines into a heart, a character has to decide whether to open up and be vulnerable or to continue to carry the burden of the past and risk future happiness.

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