Light In The Dark by Lin Stepp

The Romeo & Juliet Effect

Light In The Dark by Lin Stepp is a most delightful contemporary Christian novel that I thoroughly enjoyed. It is the third book in The Lighthouse Sisters but can be read as a stand-alone.

Once more it is an absolute pleasure to meet up with familiar faces. It feels as if we are coming home. All the characters are wonderfully drawn, giving out an air of warmth and love. Their interactions are a delight to witness. We see old friendships being rekindled and new ones being ignited.

The community is close knit and caring. Many families have lived in the area for generations. Those who move away, always feel the pull to return home. This reminds the reader of our relationships with God. If we wander away, we can feel the longing to return to His heart.

Prayer is important. It is a vital lifeline to God, as necessary as breathing. “I believe prayers are powerful. I wouldn’t mind a little protection coverage.” A character recognizes her need for prayer.

We all need to have the correct priorities and firm foundations in God. If we put our trust in power and money, we will sooner or later be heading for a downfall.

A heart that loves God is very attractive. It draws others in. Knowing God, does not guarantee a trouble-free life but, when troubles come, we know that He will catch us.

There is a spirit of generosity within the book. Characters give of their money, time and love.

Light In The Dark is a love story. There are many facets to love – parental, friendship, romantic to name but a few. I absolutely loved the interweaving of lines from Romeo And Juliet, as characters drew closer to each other. The reader hopes, that unlike Romeo and Juliet, there will be a happy ending. However, like the star-crossed lovers, there are obstacles to overcome.

I absolutely adore all Lin Stepp’s novels. She paints very vivid pictures with her words. Every book is a wonderful assault on our senses. Her books are not just to be read, but to be savored. They are rich in landscape and conversation.

As much as I love reading in my head, I do believe that Lin Stepp’s novels should be shared with others. I think the activity of reading aloud to like-minded family or friends would enhance the experience even more. I am planning on reading Light In The Dark out loud for my eighty nine year old Mom to enjoy.

Light In The Dark celebrates friendship, family and faithfulness. I absolutely adored it. I cannot wait for the next book.

I will leave you with my favourite quote:

“Don’t you be hoping-so… Stand in faith believing that if you ask, God hears and answers.” Wise words from a character with a wealth of experience and a relationship with God.

I received a free copy from the author. A favourable review was not required. All opinions are my own.


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