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Light The Way by Lin Stepp

Positively Charming

Light The Way by Lin Stepp is a most delightful Christian contemporary tale and the first book in The Lighthouse Sisters series. I cannot wait for subsequent books.

The lighthouse plays a central role in the story. It reminds the reader that we are to shine God’s light into a dark world. We also see the pivotal role in rescue of the lighthouse’s light in illuminating those in trouble. Likewise, God looks out for us and will rescue us from our troublesome situations.

We are called to live out our faith. “Your strong faith has a good effect on me.”  We can never under estimate the effect our lives may have on someone else.

Family is important. When members of a family have problems, some run towards home, others run away for fear of parental disappointment. This reminds the reader that God longs for each of us to return to Him if we stray or mess up. He doesn’t want fear or embarrassment to keep us from His arms.

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