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Sunny Skies & Summer Kisses by Eliza J Scott

Absolutely Charming

Sunny Skies & Summer Kisses by Eliza J Scott is the most delightful contemporary novel. It is the seventh book in the Life On The Moors series but can be read as a stand-alone.

This was my first book by Eliza J Scott and it was absolutely charming. As I was introduced to the characters, they were all warm and welcoming. The community atmosphere in the North York moors is alive and kicking. The villagers all pull together. Where they see needs, they are met.

At the heart of the village are the pub and also the community hub where new ventures are encouraged and where they thrive.

Characters are supported and encouraged to be the best version of themselves. When a character who was gaslit by a previous partner, is being stalked by him, the community rallies round in support. No one is ever alone in the village.

Being hurt in the past has meant that a character has walled up her heart to protect. Far from protecting, her life was constricted. The walls need to come down. A heart needs to take a chance on love.

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