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Keturah by Lisa T Bergren

One Limb At A Time

Keturah by Lisa T Bergren is a marvellous Christian historical romantic saga. It is the first book in the Sugar Baron’s Daughters series which promises to be fantastic.

Set in the late eighteenth century the novel moves swiftly from England across the stormy seas to the West Indies as the reader follows the fortunes of three sisters. They are strong women who are determined to survive, thrive and make a difference in a man’s world.

Slave plantations were owned and overseen by brutal men. The sisters long to be the change they want to see. “We believe that human beings respond to kindness and respect.” The sisters see the Negroes as people to be loved and cared for. They face much opposition as their thinking is counter cultural. There are some hard to read scenes of inflicted cruelty on the Negroes.

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