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Random God Sightings by Kelly Hanes

Glimpsing Him

Random God Sightings by Kelly Hanes is a powerful book of twenty six stories of seeing God in the everyday. Often in our striving to see God, we miss the fact that He is walking right beside us. We will ‘see’ Him when we least expect to. God may be at the Christian conference but He is also at the convenience store.

These tales are designed to help us look for God in the everyday. When we seek Him, we will find Him. “It was God’s face, revealed to me in the face of The Teacher.” We may only glimpse God for a second but it is that second that will lift our spirits.

There are lessons to be learnt within the tales as the reader sees that children are remarkably perceptive and that strangers are kind. “People like that could change the world.” May we be people who see and who having seen, change the world.

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