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Just Kin by Caryl McAdoo

Running Away

Just KinJust Kin by Caryl McAdoo is the sixth book in the Texas Romance series. It is a historical romance and this book follows the fortunes of Lacey Rose and Charley. It can be read as a stand-alone, however characters and events from previous novels are mentioned so for maximum enjoyment, reading the series is best.

Lacey Rose is just sixteen years old when her best friend and the love of her life, Charley goes off to fight in the American civil war. In a letter Charley writes that they are ‘just kin’. This upsets Lacey who decides to set off to find her Comanche father.

The theme of running away is prevalent in the novel. Lacey runs away, not only from her home but from her situations. She even seems to run away from God as she chooses some rather dubious lifestyles. In an attempt to hide, she changes her name. She cannot hide from God who loves her.

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