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A Time To Rejoice by Juliette Duncan

The Same Yesterday, Today, Forever

A Time To Rejoice by Juliette Duncan is a powerful Christian novel that really warmed my heart. The book shows that God is the same yesterday, today and forever. The miracle working God of the past is still in the same business today.

Life is not always easy but God is faithful. “I loved you at your darkest.” When life hits hard, God never abandons us. Though we may walk away from Him, He awaits our return. “Show me the way back” is the prayer that God longs to hear. There is much rejoicing when the prodigals return.

There is the theme of healing – healing of hearts and minds. As parents we long to see our children walk with God but until they do we “just have to be patient and keep on praying.”

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A Time To Abide by Juliette Duncan

All In God’s Perfect Timing

A Time To Abide by Juliette Duncan is a heart wrenching contemporary Christian tale that deals with life and death, love and loss, and over it all is God who is faithful.

The novel has some powerful themes of relevant issues – maternal death, premature birth, homosexuality, adoption – all are sensitively portrayed by Juliette Duncan and covered with the love of God.

Following a death, we often have questions. “God where are You in this?” We may feel guilty. “Blaming herself wouldn’t bring her back.” We will always wonder if we could have done more.

In the midst of death there is life. Not just a new life in Heaven but a new baby on earth. Running parallel is the birth of a new Christian who goes down into the waters of baptism and rises anew.

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Leave Before He Kills You by Juliette Duncan

Great Is Thy Faithfulness

Leave Before He Kills You by Juliette Duncan is a powerful Christian story surrounding alcohol and drug dependency and the faithfulness of God. Based on truth, this is a story that will rock the reader’s heart. It is a gritty read with lessons for us all.

Alcohol and drug dependency destroys lives – no one is immune. The family and friends of the addict will all be affected. Promises of change are no good unless backed up by action. The addict must want to change more than they want the next drink or  fix.

We all have a God-shaped hole in our lives. “God filled a void I didn’t even know I had.” It is only when we find God that we realise what was missing. Knowing God fulfils us.

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The Homecoming by Juliette Duncan

A New Song

The Homecoming by Juliette Duncan is a delightful Christian romance and the first book in The Potter’s House series.

There are many godly themes and lessons to be learnt. God is the master potter. His hands are on our lives. He moulds, refines and fires us if we just say ‘yes’ to His call. “God was in the business of changing people’s hearts.”

We need faithful Christians to lovingly guide us to God. “God could still work in her heart… whether she was in church or not.” Church is important as the body of believers help us in our walk with God. Transformation of hearts can happen anywhere.

Prayer is our lifeline to God. We can talk to Him anytime, anywhere and know that He hears us.

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