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A Time To Abide by Juliette Duncan

All In God’s Perfect Timing

A Time To Abide by Juliette Duncan is a heart wrenching contemporary Christian tale that deals with life and death, love and loss, and over it all is God who is faithful.

The novel has some powerful themes of relevant issues – maternal death, premature birth, homosexuality, adoption – all are sensitively portrayed by Juliette Duncan and covered with the love of God.

Following a death, we often have questions. “God where are You in this?” We may feel guilty. “Blaming herself wouldn’t bring her back.” We will always wonder if we could have done more.

In the midst of death there is life. Not just a new life in Heaven but a new baby on earth. Running parallel is the birth of a new Christian who goes down into the waters of baptism and rises anew.

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