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The Color Of The Season by Julianne MacLean

Love Remains

The Color Of The Season by Julianne MacLean is a bittersweet romantic novel which I loved.

There are many themes including that of grief. “Maybe I’m floating in a sea of grief where I can’t see the shore.” Grief hurts. Grief is raw. There is the grief of a loved one’s passing and the grief of missed opportunities.

Life is so much more than we can see and feel. Sometimes things happen with no logical explanation.

There is the theme of healing – actual and a healing from the past.

Past events may haunt the present and future. “The future doesn’t have to be dictated by the past.” The past has gone. It cannot be altered but we can learn lessons as we move into the future.

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The Color Of A Silver Lining by Julianne MacLean

A Matter Of Faith

The Color Of A Silver Lining by Julianne MacLean is such a beautiful contemporary love story. It is a love story with a difference as it is about the unending love that two mothers have for their children.

The story is heartbreakingly beautiful with its raw emotions. “All I wanted to do, was love my daughter.”

The novel is a study in unending grief. “There are no words to console me.” There is nothing anyone can do or say to make the grieving person feel better. Life has changed and will never be the same again. You survive as best you can. “Nobody can push you to be ready. You’re ready when you’re ready.” It’s one day at a time.

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The Color Of Heaven by Julianne MacLean

One Day At A Time

The Color Of Heaven by Julianne MacLean is a contemporary love story and incredibly beautiful. I loved it. Books entertain. Books educate. And once in a while a book comes along that is so incredibly beautiful that it takes your breath away. The Color Of Heaven is that book. As soon as it began, I was hooked.

“Then you see a light… You are no longer afraid and you know what lies ahead” was an intriguing opening. I immediately was hooked and wanted to know more. I was further drawn into the book by the hook “I’ll leave it up to you to decide if they’re [the events] real.”

The story is a love story. In fact it is several love stories. Love stories between couples and between parents and children. The whole book radiates love.

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