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7 Attitudes Of The Helping Heart by John Christopher Frame

Adopt A Christ-Like Stance

7 Attitudes Of The Helping Heart by John Christopher Frame is a powerful little book that will aid your Christian walk as our eyes are opened to those around us.

This book is infused with the heart of God. We want to go through life with eyes that see, hands that help and a heart that cares.

Within the world there is much poverty. It may be spiritual. It may be physical. We need to help where we can. We are all very similar in our desires for a family, having hopes and dreams even though our circumstances may be very different.

Poverty is not something that defines us. It is something we are going through. If we can offer a helping hand, we should do so – no matter how small it seems to you, it could make a huge difference to someone else.

Everyone has problems. “It doesn’t matter how small my problems are. They’re still real problems. Everyone’s problems are big to them.” We need to develop empathy and walk beside others.

We are called to offer compassion and to be carriers of hope. Compassion calls for action now. Hope is for future events. “Hope includes believing, with God, that our actions can make a difference.”

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