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Young Vines by James Russell Lingerfelt

The Wounded Healer

Young Vines by James Russell Lingerfelt is the most serenely beautiful contemporary novel about life, love, loss and good friends.

Home is not necessarily a physical place. It is also an emotional connection and when that is severed, it hurts so badly. The novel explores this theme of loss where memories keep us warm but there is still a huge hole in our hearts. We need to learn how to live again and how to adapt to a new type of normal.

Sometimes in order to live again, we need to revisit our past. We may find old memories will draw us back to a former way of life.

There is a contrast in the novel between the busy academic Pepperdine and the freedom, life and warmth of a Tennessee vineyard. In one life is hectic but empty. In the other it is busy but fulfilling. There is a time for family and love and laughter.

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Alabama Irish by James Russell Lingerfelt

Unique And Breathtakingly Beautiful

AlabamaAlabama Irish by James Russell Lingerfelt is a sweet coming of age story where the ordinary is beautiful. It is a fabulous novel that really spoke to my heart.

In Alabama Irish Brian’s soul is laid bare. He is brutally honest about love and life and hopes and dreams. In its simplicity there is great beauty and I loved it.

There are many themes in Alabama Irish including that of grief and loss. “We don’t mourn the past. We mourn unlived tomorrows.” Death affects us all in different ways. However when we blame ourselves, we keep reliving the past and are unable to move forwards. This manifests itself as PTSD which left untreated means the person will suffer for years. The reader sees this played out in the novel. We cannot alter the past but we need to learn from it and move on. “We’re thankful for the lessons those experiences taught us.”

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