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The Fifth To Die by J.D. Barker

Heart Stopping Stuff

The Fifth To Die by J.D. Barker is a contemporary psychological murder thriller that will have your heart racing as you speed through the action. It is the sequel to The Fourth Monkey and the second book in the Detective Porter series. I had not read the first book but the gaps in my knowledge were filled in as I read.

With a modern day Houdini committing crimes and the body count rising, the detectives and the reader seemed powerless. We, along with the police, knew the identity of one of the perpetrators as it was apparently revealed in book one, but seemed to be always one step behind.

The action came thick and fast. At times I found it hard to follow but I think that was because I had not read book oneā€¦ oh how I wish I had now! I did keep up and was glued and guessing to the very end as the plot thickened.

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