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Then. Now. Always by Isabelle Broom

Finding Love

Then. Now. Always by Isabelle Broom is a contemporary romance that I really loved and devoured.

Then. Now. Always is a study of love, life and human relationships. We all need love to function. It comes in different forms, all of which are valuable.

The novel encapsulates hope, using the motif of rainbows. “I come here every morning to watch the rainbows.” Rainbows offer the promise of something brighter to come after the rain. “The darkness that had enveloped her is pierced now with brightness: the future contains hope.”

Another theme is that of appearances. People may show one face to the world but the person behind the smile may be very different.

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A Year And A Day by Isabelle Broom

The Place Where Wishes Come True

a-yearA Year And A Day by Isabelle Broom is a contemporary love story set in Prague just before Christmas. The book can be read on two levels – it can be just an escapist read or delve deeper and experience true love in action.

The true love presented is very raw, very honest and very ‘real,’ It really spoke to my heart. True love is not about clasping on tightly. True love is about being open, being honest and being real.

A Year And A Day at the most basic level is the three stories of different people whose lives intertwine inspite of being total strangers. The characters are all unique. Isabelle Broom has cleverly constructed them all to bring out very different emotions in the reader. I found myself being drawn to some characters whilst mentally shunning (as the writing led me to) others. I drew my own conclusions, added two plus two and came up with five! Isabelle Broom masterfully manipulated my responses as a reader and I fell for it! She really is an amazing author.

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