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Indestructible by Blake K Healy

Focus On The Light

Indestructible by Blake K Healy is a powerful book to equip us in our walk with God. We want to be indestructible so that when the enemy attacks, we can repel him.

Blake K Healy peppers his book with personal stories making this an easy book to relate to. The author has a very engaging style. Throughout there are scriptures to back up his words.

Life is a spiritual battle and we would be wise to choose God. Being where He has called us is the safest place to be. We need to always be aware of where the light is. The light will always dispel the darkness.

Blake K Healy tells us that the enemy steals, kills and breaks. He feeds us lies, lies that only have power if we believe them. We need to be able to discern the truth from the lies, and realign our perspective with God’s.

We are free to choose our responses to all that life throws at us. “It is about engaging with a problem from a place of conviction with God.” When we stand with God, we stand from a place of victory.

To fight the enemy we need to have developed a relationship with God. We need to be intimate with Him, know His Word (the Bible), converse with Him in prayer and worship Him. When we have a relationship with God, we are able to conquer our fears. Fear and faith cannot exist side by side.

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