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Profound Good by Blake K Healy

Accessible For All

Profound Good by Blake K Healy follows on from his book The Veil. Once again he shows us how to tap into the spiritual gifts that God has for us.

Angels and demons are all around us. The gift of seeing with spiritual eyes was one that scared Blake K Healy as a boy but one that he embraced as he got older. This book has many personal stories in it.

The author encourages us to pursue the gifts that God has for us and to learn how to use them.

When we see the world as God sees it, it is a revelation. We will see far more than we expected to, when we look with the eyes of God.

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The Veil by Blake K Healy

Pressing Into God

The Veil by Blake K Healy is a powerful Christian book about living within the spiritual realm. There is the personal testimony of the author as well as a narrative showing how to receive this spiritual gift from God.

It is important to know who you are in God and what He says about you and over you. We need to press into our relationship with God. “Knowing who you are in Christ determines how you think.” We need to focus our minds on God. “Make your relationship with God the core of your identity.” Let His word be the fragrance in our lives. “When you’re a child of God, you change everything you touch.”

There are things that may keep us from hearing God, such as fear and unforgiveness. The enemy wants to keep us from God but he has no power over us. “Demons have no authority over you unless you give it to them.” Our identity is in Jesus and what He says about us.

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