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In This Together by Gail Kittleson

Second Chances

In This TogetherIn This Together by Gail Kittleson is a wonderful Christian historical novel set in Iowa in the aftermath of the war and I absolutely loved it. In This Together is a story that really wrapped itself around me and spoke to my heart.

In This Together focuses on Dottie and Al, both of whom have lost so much… both their spouses died and Dottie’s son Bill got killed in World War II. They have every reason to be bitter but they are delightful, enjoying each day as it comes. “Makes you think – makes you appreciate things more.” The two neighbours have a half full glass outlook on life. They are in their twilight years but have a very positive outlook. They enjoy life and laughter.

The novel is an everyday story of small town America, telling tales of friendship. It is a beautiful, gentle story of life and second chances.

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