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A Day For Bones by Dale E Lehman

Yesterday Meets Today

A Day For Bones by Dale E Lehman is the fourth book in the Howard County Mysteries and an absolutely thrilling read.

Once more Dale Lehman has cleverly constructed and executed a thinking man’s crime suspense. He is a masterful storyteller as he weaves his plot. The reader is kept on their toes, trying to predict the outcome.

We are drawn in from the start when a flood throws up some surprising artefacts. As cold cases are resurrected, Rick Peller once more sets out to solve crimes, past and present, and bring the perpetrators to justice.

Feuding families, hidden secrets and tight lips can all be found within A Day For Bones. It takes brains, dedication and team work to solve the case.

Rick Peller is a realistically drawn and likable main character. He is not perfect but he has a good heart, and works relentlessly and tirelessly to solve cases. He believes in justice but is fair and champions the underdog.

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