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A Day For Bones by Dale E Lehman

Yesterday Meets Today

A Day For Bones by Dale E Lehman is the fourth book in the Howard County Mysteries and an absolutely thrilling read.

Once more Dale Lehman has cleverly constructed and executed a thinking man’s crime suspense. He is a masterful storyteller as he weaves his plot. The reader is kept on their toes, trying to predict the outcome.

We are drawn in from the start when a flood throws up some surprising artefacts. As cold cases are resurrected, Rick Peller once more sets out to solve crimes, past and present, and bring the perpetrators to justice.

Feuding families, hidden secrets and tight lips can all be found within A Day For Bones. It takes brains, dedication and team work to solve the case.

Rick Peller is a realistically drawn and likable main character. He is not perfect but he has a good heart, and works relentlessly and tirelessly to solve cases. He believes in justice but is fair and champions the underdog.

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Weasel Words by Dale E Lehman

And Then There Were Three

Weasel Words by Dale E Lehman is a light-hearted fun contemporary crime story that made me chuckle.

The novel revolves around a husband and wife team who pilfer objects sometimes just for fun – and return them. At other times they are for hire and financial gain. One member of a feuding family hires them to steal a well-guarded family treasure. The results are amusing as they face set back after set back.

The main protagonists are devoted to each other. The same can not be said of other elderly characters.

The characters are all well drawn. The reader cannot help but like the lead team who in spite of their ‘profession’ do have kind hearts.

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Ice On The Bay by Dale E and Kathleen Lehman


Ice On The Bay by Dale and Kathleen Lehman is a marvellous contemporary murder suspense. It is the third book in the Howard County Mystery series but can be read as a stand-alone.

Once again the reader is in for a gripping ride in this compulsive read. The police officers work together to get the job done. They remind me of the three musketeers with their dedication and their loyalty to each other.

A cold case collides with present day crimes of murder, blackmail, arson and burglary. The cases run side by side as the reader tries to guess the connection, if any. Literally a jaw dropping ending that had me hooked and reading with heart racing.

Not only is there great action but the reader really gets to know the characters – their back stories and their families. They are not just flat characters in a book but well developed 3D characters that leap out and engage the reader.

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True Death by Dale E Lehman

Three Musketeers

True Death by Dale E Lehman is a marvellous contemporary murder thriller. It is the second book in the Howard County Mystery series but could be read as a stand-alone. I would, however, recommend reading book one, The Fibonacci Murders, first as this story follows straight on from that, being set just a few weeks later.

The plotline was intricately constructed and grabbed my attention from the start. I immediately became engrossed in the action and remained glued to the end. The story alternated between present day and the past, which set the scene for the action to come.

In True Death the reader hears the back story of the main characters. They are more than just detectives, they are ‘real’ people who have loved and lost. The three detectives reminded me of the three musketeers, with the police chief as D’Artagnan. Their loyalty to each other and their fight for justice was admirable.

There was an unknown voice that drew the reader in. I was asking questions – who is this? What have they done?

A cold case collides with present day crimes in the novel. The reader is intrigued and wonders if there is any connection? Or just coincidence?

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