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Hidden Scars by Amanda Sue King

Compulsive, Gritty, Realistic and Brilliant

Hidden ScarsHidden Scars by Amanda King is a Christian novel set in 1968. It is an excellent read but it does contain some difficult issues which Amanda King presents sensitively.

The novel is written through the eyes of seventeen year old Morgan, the youngest of three children who are all physically and mentally abused by their parents. As the reader I shared in Morgan’s fears and pain. She has physical and mental scars and she needs to be healed. She needs to take a stand “do you want to continue to give them the freedom to hurt you or will you take a stand and say enough is enough?” The years have worn Morgan down. She needs friends to stand alongside her and help.

Morgan knows God and cries out to Him, but there are times when she just cannot pray. “I couldn’t pray. The words wouldn’t come.” We are blessed as Christians that we have the Holy Spirit to intercede for us. When the words won’t come, God still knows what we want.

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