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Love, Lies And Typewriters by Heather Blanton

An Answer To Prayer

loveLove, Lies And Typewriters by Heather Blanton is a charming historical romance. Set in 1943 at the height of the second world war, fact meets fiction within its pages. War bonds and fairytale romances were what the American people wanted to see.

The novel shows the power of prayer. God always answers prayer but not always in the ways we expect nor in our timing.  We need to surrender our lives and plans to God whose hope for us is so much greater than our own.

Appearances are key. The American people wanted good news stories in times of war, as they lifted morale and spirits. External appearances seemed more important than internal. For true peace, internal appearances needed to line up with God’s plans.

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Ask Me To Marry You by Heather Blanton

God’s Promises

marryAsk Me To Marry You by Heather Blanton is a Christian historical romantic novella. It is the second book in the Brides Of Evergreen series but can be read as a stand-alone.

God is at the centre of the story. His promises are to be trusted. “God You promised me.” If God has said it will happen, then it will. Audra trusts God but cannot wait on His timing and the feisty female takes things into her own hands.

God’s presence in one’s life means that in the midst of life’s storms, peace can be found. “He found her peace…calming.” When we have a strong faith in God on the inside, this can be seen externally too.

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