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Heart Unbroken by Alexa Verde

Beyond Borders, Beyond Comprehension,

Beyond Mistakes

Heart Unbroken by Alexa Verde is a wonderful contemporary Christian novel about new beginnings and second chances. It is the third book in the Potter’s House series but can be read as a stand-alone.

The novel is gritty and realistic, having its focus on the world of drug abuse. It is a hard world. “In the country of heroin, pain rules. Hope is a rare guest.” Drug addicts need hope and help to get them into rehab.

In the world of the addict, everything takes a back seat. “Her maternal instinct had been overpowered by the overwhelming cravings.” Addicts are always in recovery, never knowing when the next craving will hit. The good news is that everyone can have a fresh start in Jesus. No one is ever too far from His love. “God doesn’t give up on somebody just because that person messed up.” God is always with us. He is just a prayer away. “After all she’d done, would her prayers be heard?” God always hears and answers our prayers.

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