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Rapsodia: Rhapsody by Alexa Verde

Dream Big

Rapsodia: Rhapsody by Alexa Verde is a delightful and charming contemporary Christian romance. It is book three in the A Tuscan Legacy series. It can be read as a stand-alone, but why would you when the whole series is wonderful?

The main theme is that of loss and a grief that consumes. Life is suspended in time but we need to learn to live and love again after loss. “It’s okay to enjoy good food, to laugh out loud… You don’t have to die inside because [he] died.” We cannot hide our grief but we can learn to live again with the help of others and with God.

Guilt sometimes follows loss. We feel guilty because we lived. “For a moment, she forgot she was supposed to feel guilty.” We are not ‘supposed’ to feel guilty, that is a lie from the enemy. We need to banish those feelings and look to God who longs to take our burdens from us. “You’re trying to find strength inside yourself. You’re looking in the wrong place.”

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Holly, Ivy And Intrigue by Various

Mysteries To Solve

Holly, Ivy And Intrigue is a wonderful collection of three tales, all with mysteries to solve. All three are unique but linked by similar themes. All are highly entertaining reads.

Christmas Murder Mix Up by Joanie Bruce is a light hearted mystery. The reader is left smiling as they hear one side of the conversation but unlike the character, we do not leap to wild conclusions.

There is a sinister side to the tale too.

With themes of trust, greed, friendship and love peppered with snow, the reader is in for a real treat.

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Color Of Danger by Alexa Verde

One Of A Kind

ColorColor Of Danger by Alexa Verde is a Christian multicultural romantic suspense. It will have you guessing and asking questions right from the start – and just when you think you’ve guessed the outcome, you find out you’re wrong!

The novel has many themes including that of forgiveness. We all need forgiveness but it is often hardest to forgive the face in the mirror. Past performance means Mari believes she is beyond forgiveness and redemption. “Once she believed she was worthy of God’s love… How could she be worthy of it now?” No-one is ever beyond God’s grace. “God’s mercy is limitless.”

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