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The Challengers by Grace Livingston Hill

Absolutely Charming

The Challengers by Grace Livingston Hill is an absolutely charming Christian novel written in a bygone age.

Grace Livingston Hill writes with great warmth and faith as we follow a family through the hard times of the Wall Street Crash of 1929. We witness the close-knit family unit who pull together, thinking only of others before self. Along the way they meet both guardian angels and absolute rotters.

The family had had little time for God in the past. Their comfortable circumstances meant they had no need to rely on God. He seemed relegated to past times. The perception of the youngest daughter is spot on as she suggests prayer as an answer to circumstances. This reminds the reader that Jesus asks us to have a child-like faith. Pray and believe that our prayers will be answered. As our faith muscle is exercised, it will be stretched. We must “ask[ing] God to … show … what to do.” God longs to hear our prayers. Nothing is ever too big or too small for Him. If it bothers us, it bothers Him.

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