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After Church by Genevieve Woods

A New Creation

After ChurchAfter Church by Genevieve Woods is the second book in the Greatest Love series but can be read as a stand-alone. It is a contemporary Christian romance and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

After Church is packed full of themes and also has God at the centre. There are many Christian characters who struggle through life, making them realistic and easy to empathise with. Their struggles highlight their human fallibility. We are all just one step away from falling back to where we were before we met Jesus. Within the novel Genevieve Woods shows how God meets us right where we are. “Our battle’s are the Lord’s and He alone can fight and win them.” He sends people alongside to support in times of trouble.

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All I’ll Ever Ask by Genevieve Woods

Releasing Our Baggage

AllAll I’ll Ever Ask by Genevieve Woods is a contemporary Christian romance and the first book in the Greatest Love series and I enjoyed it.

Genevieve Woods writes in an easy, engaging style that draws the reader into her story. Her characters are realistic as they have their flaws and their battles. Genevieve Woods shows that being a Christian does not mean life will be perfect. Christians still face problems but they have Jesus walking alongside them. “You.. have a problem only Jesus can handle.”

Prayer is of vital importance. “Prayer never hurts.” There are times when we pray for guidance and there are times when we feel so helpless that all we can do is pray.

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