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First Light by Erynn Newman

Of Love And Grace

First Light by Erynn Newman is an enchanting Christian romance spanning fifteen years from the early 1990’s. It is a little book that sets the scene for future books.

First Light is about young love. It is about unfailing love – unfailing love from a person and unfailing love from God. “He (God) was there all along, calling me home… I tried to drown Him out with drinking and partying… but all the time He was there… waiting.” Sooner or later we all have to answer the call and come home to God. God, who will never let us down and never let us go.

The novel has love emanating from its pages. It sinks into the reader’s soul. The words were beautifully written. The novel was heartfelt. There are no words to adequately express just how far the novel penetrated into my very being. You need to experience First Light for yourself.

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