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Finding Hope In Savannah by Melissa Wardwell

God Never Left

Finding Hope In Savannah by Melissa Wardwell is a wonderful Christian romantic suspense. I absolutely loved it and was hooked from the start. The crime drew me in and then the characters took up residence in my heart.

God is faithful. He never abandons us even though we may abandon Him. “He has never turned His back on you, even when you turned yours on Him.” He waits for us to return to Him. Once we have known God, we realise that we have a God-shaped hole that only He can fill. “I want what you have. I want peace.” This peace can only be achieved by knowing God and receiving His peace that passes all understanding.

Prayer is shown to be important. Pray in all circumstances especially in those times when you feel most out of control. Hand the driving seat of your life over to God.

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