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Going Through Hell To Get To Heaven by Dr Scot Hodkiewicz

Surrendering To God’s Plan

Going Through Hell To Get To Heaven by Dr Scott Hodkiewicz is a powerful true life account of not just a family who survived but who actually thrived. This is a wow read about the recovery from a horrendous accident and the lessons learnt from God as the family pressed into Him.

Before the crash the author was a vet. He had built a successful life and had a nice house. In worldly terms he was a success. The author admits that before the crash the gifts God had given him, he used for himself. Whereas after the crash, God’s gifts were used for God and others. His outlook completely changed as his mind focussed on the true treasures in life.

We all have moments in life that define us – for Dr Scott Hodkiewisz and his family it was when a drunk, disqualified driver crashed into their family car. But God is a faithful God and at just the right time, He sent His angels in human form, to minister just where they were needed.

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