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Desert Gold by Rick Nau

All That Glitters

Desert Gold by Rick Nau is a marvellous Christian allegorical tale and just perfect for ages ten years and above. It is the third book in the Tales Of Hope series but can be read as a stand-alone. I have read all three books and would put them on a par with C.S. Lewis’ Narnia. They are all cracking adventure stories on the surface and also grounded in God with lessons for us all to learn.

Desert Gold focuses on the theme of treasure for where your treasure is there is your heart. True treasure will always be found in a ‘who’ and never in a ‘what’. True lasting treasure is to be found in God and in others. To put our desires into possessions will merely corrupt us and take our focus away from what really matters. When gold is all we see dancing before our eyes, the state of our heart is wrong.

The novel shows that true beauty is internal. Outward appearances are never as important as the condition of our hearts. “It was difficult to believe that people so beautiful could be so despicable.” The reader is reminded that God is more concerned with our inner beauty.

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