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Conquering Your Goliaths by Kathryn Jones

Simply Beautiful

Conquering Your Goliaths by Kathryn Jones is a wonderful contemporary Christian novel. I absolutely loved it. The words penetrated my soul. It was beautiful and heart-felt.

The story has life lessons for us all to learn. We all need the five stones presented in the story. We all need to know God. We need to cease our busyness and turn to God. “It was easy to forget God in the world of business and busyness.” We all need to make room for God in our lives.

Prayer is a two way conversation with God. “She’d… expected God to help her without even a thought to listening to what He had to say.” Prayer is not us asking God for things, we need to listen to His answers. Prayer must be from the heart and not just us paying lip service to God. “She’d prayed… a quick dose method.” Prayer is never meant to be a chore but an act of love.

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