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Butterfly Cottage by Carrie Fancett Pagels

Perfectly Delightful

Butterfly Cottage by Carrie Fancett Pagels is the most delightful contemporary Christian novel that will warm your heart as you follow one summer through the eyes of three generations of women.

There is a wonderful bond between grandmother, daughter and granddaughter. Their love radiates outwards to encompass the reader as they share life in the family cottage.

We witness the partnership and love of a fifty year old marriage. The couple bounce dialogue off each other and are as much in love as when they first got together.

In contrast we see a marriage explode and unravel, hurting the innocent party.

The reader sees the power of God to heal the hurts in mind and body. “There’s no problem too deep that God can’t fix.” We just need to let Him into our lives. God longs for us to draw close to Him. He is in the business of healing, working through both miracles and medicine. We see the importance of seeking medical help when needed.

God longs for us to commune with Him. He is always just a prayer away. “Dawn closed her eyes and asked God for help.”

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