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Breaking Free by Jennifer Slattery

There’s Always Hope

Breaking FreeBreaking Free by Jennifer Slattery… wow, what an amazing and powerful read in this contemporary Christian novel.

Alice and Trent have been married for nineteen years and have two boys. Alice organises ladies days at church. On the surface it’s a perfect life but Alice is living a lie. Her life is far from perfect. Her life is crumbling around her. Alice is more concerned with appearances than with being open and honest. “Come on Alice, be real with me.” Alice has buried her head in the sand for the sake of appearances.

Breaking Free shows the power of good friends. Alice has many superficial friends but Beth is her true friend. Beth sees beyond Alice’s fake smiles to the real her. Beth refuses to be pushed away with a smile. “Why are you running from people who can help you most?… Why are you pushing God away?”

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