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Wrapped In God’s Grace by Barbara Bras

God’s Peace, Plans And Purpose

gods-graceWrapped In God’s Grace by Barbara Bras is a nonfiction brutally honest account of some trying times in Barbara Bras’ life. It is a three in one. The first part is about her desire for a child. As Barbara Bras pours her heart out to God, the reader is reminded of Hannah praying desperately to God for a child. As Barbara Bras draws close to God so God draws close to her.

God is a God Who hears and answers prayers but not always in the way we expect. He is always faithful and we need to trust Him.

The second account concerns Barbara Bras’ grandparents who survived the Armenian Massacre in the first part of the twentieth century. There are some harrowing accounts of what her grandmother Gulle experienced. She survived but had survivors guilt, wondering if she was too bad for heaven. However that was not the case and God had a plan for her life.

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