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Out Of Silence by Annie Try

Sunshine And Rainbows

Out Of Silence by Annie Try is a contemporary Christian novel about trauma, loss and new beginnings. It was incredibly powerful and heartfelt. The tensions and emotions really played on my mind.

Loss and grief can take over a person. “All our prayers and yearnings didn’t halt leukaemia’s destruction.” This is such a powerful statement encompassing loss, anger and despair. Loss never goes away, you just learn how to cope.

With loss comes all sorts of feelings including guilt. “I can’t forgive myself for telling him a lie. We had to believe he would recover.” We all need hope to get up in the mornings. Sometimes the person who needs the most hope is the one trying to give hope to others.

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Trying To Fly by Annie Try

Whom To Trust?

Trying To Fly by Annie Try is a contemporary murder mystery and one that had me hooked from the start. Written in the first person, I was immediately drawn into the action. I spent the book participating in the story rather than just reading it.

Childhood traumas can persist into adulthood and rob a person of their well being. Trying To Fly explores the effects that one day in the life of a six year old have on an adult fifty years later. Parents who dismiss what was seen, merely exacerbate the problem in contrast with parents who take the time to listen.

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