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The Yellow Lantern by Angie Dicken

Entertaining Yet Horrifying

The Yellow Lantern by Angie Dicken is a Christian historical crime novel that has its base in fact. Angie Dicken has used her imagination to weave her marvellous tale.

The book surrounds the topic of grave robbing to serve medical advances. This was rife in the United States and England in the nineteenth century. The tale is set in 1824. It was a horrific practice from which the leaders of it became wealthy while the poor did the despicable acts. The Yellow Lantern is part of the True Colors Crime series.

There is the theme of trust. Trust does not come easy when it is the wicked who wield the power.

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My Heart Belongs In Castle Gate Utah by Angie Dicken

Scatter The Darkness

My Heart Belongs In Castle Gate Utah by Angie Dicken is a delightful Christian historical romance which I loved.

The action is set in 1910 in the mining town of Castle Gate. There are the themes of prejudice and ignorance towards the immigrants. Even the very young were taught to hate. “I pray that one day we will all see one another for our hearts and not our origins.” God asks us to shine a light in a dark world. “There is no darkness but ignorance.” We are called to “scatter the darkness.”

Mixed marriages were frowned upon. Arranged marriages within communities were common. Marriage alliances for money rather than love were the order of the day.

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