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Amish Wanderer by Laura V Hilton

Time To Heal

Amish Wanderer by Laura V Hilton is a contemporary Amish romance and I really enjoyed it.

The novel has God at the centre. God loves each and every one of us with an everlasting love but there are times when we cannot see Him. “Silence. Gott where are you? Nothing.” God’s silence never equates with His absence. God longs to have a relationship with us all. Sometimes we wrongly disqualify ourselves. “Gott didn’t listen to her. Didn’t hear her. Didn’t care.” We think we have to be ‘good enough’ and we forget about grace but “Gott has never left you.” God does care and God does see and God does hear.

The story shows how relationships are built between us and God and each other. Relationships may be complicated but God just wants us to have faith and trust Him.

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