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A Winter At The White Queen by Denise Weimer


A Winter At The White Queen by Denise Weimer is a delightful Christian historical novel that I could not put down and read it in just one sitting.

Denise Weimer has created a wonderful set of characters. There were some delightful verbal exchanges between the two lead characters. There is also a charming young girl with whom I fell in love with. A beautiful bond was formed between those who loved the young girl as she was the centre of their world. It is always beautiful to see adults treating children with love and care, recognizing, that though small, they still have abilities to contribute to society. It reminded me of the biblical passage where we are told not to look down on the young (1 Timothy 4: 12).

The action is set in 1910 as the world is teetering on the modern era. Characters bond over new inventions.

There are those who value status above all else. They contrast with those who value people for just who they are, not for what they can do to advance others.

Amateur powers of deduction are used, producing some amusing results at times.

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